by Dissonance

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Begin To Be 05:29
I can feel it begin to be Twisting and surrounding, crushing and enveloping me It's a feeling of enmity Anger taking hold and slicing through my veins 'till I bleed Like the winter before the freeze Hangs so overcast and feels like I am trapped in this dream Willing ever to be set free Losing self-control and I can't even hold on, it seems It's not the way it's supposed to be Waiting in the silence, pounding in my head 'till I scream It's like a fall into entropy Nothing to hold onto, left without an anchor at sea And I don't know who's inside of me Who is on the inside staring out at you is not me At least it's not who I want to be Never says the right thing, never can express what I mean I'm out of sight, out of mind, you see Ceasing to have impact, watch me fall apart at the seams It's not the way it's supposed to be Waiting in the silence, pounding in my head 'till I scream
Stranglehold 05:09
You have me in a stranglehold, fingers on my throat It's not something you control, my breath is tied to hope I wanted more than you were inclined to give me You have me in a stranglehold alone inside my mind I offered all that I could give, and memories remind That I was never one that you would have chosen Don't let go- you hold my soul- You have me in a stranglehold, though you are unaware My pulse is beating in your hands, my breath is only prayer That all my passion and my care forever live Don't let go- you hold my soul- Don't let go your stranglehold I want to suffer hope in violence Don't let go your stranglehold You know my suffering is timeless Never ceasing Don't let go You hold my soul in your stranglehold
Get Through 06:06
If it takes all night for me to get it right I will give it everything And if it takes my life to reach the other side Downwardly I'm spiraling And in the darkness, I can feel your voice inside You can tell me anything It's in you I confide, with all that is implied You are all my suffering I'll get through, I'll reach you You're on the other side You live inside my mind I can't see you You're on the other side And when I'm terrified I need to reach you I'll reach you Can you hear me calling you It's in you I confide, my love Downwardly I'm spiraling Can you hear me (If it takes my life)
Gravity Well 03:32
Gravity Well (Lyrics by Kurt Larson, Vocals by Cat Hall) There is little lower than I With the means to smash myself, I would smash again and again and again Waiting for my pain to subside Keep it all inside myself until I smash again and again and again Lines of force bend and contort around me Your light, your life, is being sucked dry around me Those in my field are drained I am falling Do not reach down Do not reach down lest you fall as well Do not look into my gravity well
Such a thing as now it is that I see and feel Intensely Never knew before this time what was false or real Believe me Never had a name I could call out and be heard But you comprehend me Never will I ever cease in being yours Never will I ever cease to be in love with you Even through the years there were moments you were near Next to me You've been gone a long time and left me standing here Not seeing Life was racing past me but you made time stand still Your kiss gave it meaning And seeing you again, you always leave me wanting more Never will I ever cease in being yours Never will I ever cease in being yours
So Very Low 04:42
What's it there for, what's it do Is that what you want to know Which are lies and which are truths Can you tell who is your foe What's to care for, what's to lose When I feel so very low What is left and what's to choose When I feel like letting go When the only love I seem to keep is sorrow When I feel like letting go Drain my essence, drain my life Fill my senses up with ice Take my sanity and give no recompense Your languid innocence breaks down my defense Crawl across the floor Always wanting more Give me just one, just one, one more taste of bliss Leave me with your kiss When the only love I know is sorrow
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division) A change of speed, a change of style A change of scene, with no regrets A chance to watch, admire the distance Still occupied, though you forget Different colors, different shades Over each mistakes were made I took the blame Directionless so plain to see A loaded gun won't set you free So you say We'll share a drink and step outside An angry voice and one who cried We'll give you everything and more The pain's too much, can't take much more I've walked on water, run through fire And I can't feel it anymore It was me Hoping for something more, wishing for something else It was me- seeing me this time, hoping for someone else It was me- seeing me It was me
Seismicity 01:58
Venice 03:59
Wasn't there a time when I knew you When the summer wind caressed us, too Little boats in Venice, my soul brand new Counting all the days- they seem too few Time is shadow Ever Borrowed Fleeting as snow Chase tomorrow Counting the days, they always seem too few Time never stays, hopelessly fade from view Shadows will fall, I hear them calling, too Forever I will always be with you


released June 8, 2017

All lyrics written by Cat Hall except "Gravity Well" (Kurt Larson) and "New Dawn Fades" (Ian Curtis). All music written by Justin Burning except "New Dawn Fades" (Joy Division). Produced by Justin Burning and Cat Hall. Mastered by Ryan Butler, Arcane Digital Recording.


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Dissonance Dallas, Texas

Signed to Hakatak in 1996, the style of Dissonance has evolved largely from dance music, but incorporates elements from industrial, pop, and alternative rock. Compared to bands like Nine Inch Nails, Curve, This Mortal Coil, and Information Society.

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